The Mavericks

When all of the cities in the world that host events are rated, did you know Calgary, with the Calgary Stampede, comes in at #8 globally? We do, and that amazing event, along with the vibrance, uniqueness, and Western culture the Calgary Stampede brings, has helped to create other interesting groups.

One of these is the Mavericks Chuckwagon Racing Team, which is comprised of 25 local businessmen who have a passion for worldclass chuckwagon racing and local children’s charities. Eighteen years ago, it all started with five friends who were invited to the private hosting area called the “Barns”. This is where over a 1,000 thoroughbred chuckwagon horses, the drivers, and the barn crews hang out for the 10 days of Stampede. TO those five friends, this experience was literally life changing. It was something they wanted more of, so they organized themselves into a group, and the next Stampede they sponsored a wagon and ran it under the name “The Mavericks”.

Having been at it for the last 17 years, They are now the longest consecutive running Calgary Stampede chuckwagon sponsor, and march 17th, 2016 was a huge day on their calendar. This is what is known as the Canvas Auction. It is held at Boyce Theatre on the Stampede Grounds, and this year, over 180 registerd sponsors bid on the 36 wagon drivers that will compete at Stampede from July 8th to 17th of this year. It is an opportunity to showcase your business or group in front on the Grandstands with over 30,000 people but also on a World Stage as the event is televised nationally and internationally.

The Canvas Auciton is also viewed as a barometer of the economic health of the city. This year, the combined agregate of the canvas sale was $2.29 million down only slightly from 2015 and much stronger than some praciced a good sign for our city. The Maverichs have once again sponsored two wagons for 2016, and we are thrilled to have the legendary Rick Raser and the strong running up and corner, Layne Bremner, flyoing our logo this year.

From the first Stampede the Mavericks became involved in they know they were on to something that was unique, and they wanted to build on it. Embracing the community and spirit of Calgary, the Mavericks not only wanted to work with the chuckwagons and Stampede, but they wanted to give back to the community they loved. After the first Mavericks Stampede year, they had $4,000.00 left int he budget so they gave it to the Children’s hospital. So began what is now a 16 year history of giving to local children’s charities.

The Mavericks are excited to embrace the 2016 season of chuckwagon racing and charity events. They have raised over $4,000,000.00 for local children’s charities and are looking to significantly add to the total this year.

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